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First phase of Palo Pinto county GIS project completed

USA: OGInfo.com, LLC (OGI) a Texas GIS services and products company, has completed the conversion phase of Palo Pinto County Appraisal District’s mapping project. OGI professionals have converted Palo Pinto CAD’s previous software, Bentely Microstation, to ESRI Arc View 9.3, allowing the county’s CAD GIS map to integrate with the oblique imagery taken by Pictometry International Corp. The integration of GIS map and the oblique imagery will simplify traditional mapping system by presenting the information in a familiar and useful manner. This will greatly benefit all departments of Palo Pinto County, including Police Department, Fire Department and Emergency Services. The systems and data provided by OGI will also enable the appraisal district office to quickly respond, with completeness and accuracy, to information requests from the public. OGI will now begin Phase II of the project, which consists of electronically drawing and attributing any remaining parcels that were not converted in Phase I.