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First Navigation CD for India

Tele Atlas employees have produced the first navigation CD for India. In just two days, more than 400 volunteers from the company mapped 2,200 square kilometres of the country’s capital, Delhi. The teams used 23 survey vehicles and captured 11,113 kilometres of road.. In addition, information on more than 8,000 POIs (points of interest) was collected. The navigation CD offers direct access to over 2,326 government offices, 1,904 places of worship, 1,352 restaurants, 623 hospitals, 410 petrol stations, 108 shopping centres, 106 embassies, 94 parking places, 43 cinemas, 39 railway stations, 38 car dealers, 14 stadiums, 4 hotels, 2 airports, and more. The results of the field work were processed at Tele Atlas facilities in Ghent, Belgium, and Harsum, Germany.