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First Intergraph GeoMedia research grant awarded to center for Bioenvironmental research

Affiliate of Tulane and Xavier Universities recognized for innovative applied research in the advancement of geographic information sciences

Oct. 9, 2002 – Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions has announced that it has awarded the company’s first GeoMedia Research Grant to the Center for Bioenvironmental Research (CBR). The Center, created out of a partnership between Tulane and Xavier Universities in New Orleans, La., encourages scientists from multiple disciplines to work together to investigate and resolve environmental problems.

Intergraph’s GeoMedia Research Grant program awards $5,000 cash funding and a $50,000 software donation to educational institutions for innovative applied research. The CBR is renowned for its interdisciplinary research efforts on aquatic ecosystem health and fate and for its transport of environmental contaminants. With the grant, the Center will update the lab’s data access and integration capabilities. GeoMedia technology will be used to increase the lab’s strength in multidisciplinary research hubs, and IntelliWhere technology will be instrumental in the addition of hubs in location-based services. In addition, GeoMedia technology will be available to researchers and staff members as they conduct environmental research and educate students in the scientific, political, economic, and cultural dimensions of environmental issues at both universities. This award will enable numerous departments at affiliate universities, Tulane and Xavier, to have a desktop GIS that will serve as a universal geographic client by incorporating various data formats.

The CBR plans to immediately implement GeoMedia technology in three environmental research projects including the Citizens Comments Database, the Long-Term Estuary Research Group (LEAG), and the Louisiana Arbovirus Database.