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First Geographic Conference on Economic & Social Development in Africa Kicked off

2008-05-04 Under the theme “Economic & Social Development in Africa…Reality and Future Aspects”, the first geographic conference began Saturday in the faculty of science of Al-Fatah university, Tripoli.

The three-day conference is being organized by the department of geography of the college of literature of Al-Fatah university with the participation of a number of university professors and researchers from Great Jamahiriya, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria.

The opening of the conference was attended by the Secretary of the People’s Committee of Al-Fatah University and the assistant secretary, General Director of educational affairs for universities and high institutions, and a number of secretaries of universities in Great Jamahiriya.

A number of scientific research papers on “greenhouse effects and its repercussions on population in Africa” will be delivered during the conference in addition to “most important African languages…example of Swahili”, “African soil: geographical distribution and agricultural potentials”, “Developing human resources the basis of economic development in Africa”, and the “Modern direction of scientific research concerning remote sensing”.

The conference will discuss human development in Africa – reality and challenges, desertification and mineral resources in Africa (example of founding states of the Sahel and Saharan, Africa’s geographic atlas, strategy of African integration, economic repercussions of African illegal immigration to Europe, and water problems in Africa and the Arab world. Researches and scientific papers will review the effects of multinational companies on sustainable development, foreign intervention strategies, the role of the geographic element in Arab and African inter-communication, historical and geographical ties between people of the continent, and tourism in Africa.

Dr. Hussein Amjad, Head of geography department and the chairman of the preparatory committee, told JANA reporter the conference aims at promoting inter-communication between specialists and to review what’s new in the field and finding solutions to issues facing Africa.

He added the conference also aims at studying economic and social development in Africa.