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First digital map of Poland

Tele Atlas presents the first digital map of Poland. Out of the new EU members, Poland represents the biggest market and plays an important role as the intermediary between Central and Eastern Europe. With the new MultiNet for Poland, Tele Atlas seamlessly integrates the complete interconnecting street network of the country into its European database. All municipalities in Poland are linked through a comprehensive road network. In the capital Warszawa, all streets are available and house number ranges make it easy to find specific addresses. MultiNet Poland contains all municipal borders and offers exonyms (place names that differ from the official name) for the most important municipalities.

In addition, information on more than 57,000 POIs (points of interest) such as service stations, airports, car dealers, car parks, restaurants and hotels have been collected. The digital map is enriched with useful travel information in categories such as emergency services (hospital, pharmacies), entertainment (cinemas, museums, tourist attractions, water sports) and many more. The database was created in less than 18 months in collaboration with Imagis, the most important supplier of digital maps in Poland. Since September, MultiNet Poland (MN POL 2003.2) has been available for applications like car navigation, telematics, GIS, online mapping and LBS (Location Based Services). The first navigation CD for Poland will be available in 2004.