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First call for papers for The Asian GPS Conference 2002

Centre for Spatial Database Management and Solutions (CSDMS) and GIS Development, India will be holding The 2nd Asian GPS Conference. It is scheduled for October 24 – 25, 2002 at India International Centre, New Delhi. This two-day event will once again cover the range of issues from the latest in research to detailed lessons learned from real-world experience.

The Asian GPS Conference will provide a platform for researchers, academicians, users, service providers and manufacturers to share and exchange their views and ideas on the latest policies, developments, practical implications and advantages of GPS. It will be an opportunity for the vendors of GPS to promote their latest hardware and software available in the market and to discuss with users, the various applicability.

Apart from Keynote session there will be technical sessions, Technology shows and GPS Training. Authors are invited to send their papers and presentations to be included in the conference and published in the conference proceedings.