First authorised urban UAV flight takes off in Italy

First authorised urban UAV flight takes off in Italy


Italy: Anteos RPA of the Italian company Aermatica is the only one UAV that obtained the permission to fly in not segregated airspace from the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC). This resulted in collaboration between Aermatica and Geomatica_Lab from the University of L’Aquila regarding photogrammetric surveys. The first survey was conducted on one of the most important churches damaged during last earthquake: the Basilica di S.M. di Collemaggio (Unesco Heritage).

The purpose of this first activity is to update the data base about the status of this Basilica that will be used to properly plan any eventual structural interventions whenever needed.

In particular, the aim of this study is to create a three dimensional models of both the building and its roofs using photogrammetric dedicated techniques. All surveyed data will therefore be used to create a database with metric and cartographic qualities. This database will be interrogated using ad-Hoc created algorithms and queries under GIS applications in order to disseminate already elaborated data with web-GIS platforms. Moreover integrating optical and thermal sensors also a georeferenced thermal model containing structural information will be created and divulgated under the same GIS applications.

Source: sUAS News