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Fires in the Andes seen by satellites from space

Buenos Aires-Argentina, February 24, 2015-The National Commission on Space Activities (CONAE) of the Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services, is producing information from satellite images on the fires of forests in the province of Chubut, Argentina, affecting the area of ​​Lake Cholila and other places in the mountain ranges. The Argentine space agency offers support to responsible bodies and institutions to mitigate this emergency, by providing satellite images that show the environmental conditions of the Andean-Patagonian native forests.

The affected areas are inspected daily by cameras and radars on board the different satellite systems with which CONAE works, to provide spatial information for emergency management; one of the application areas defined in the National Space Plane.

The production of images (see picture gallery of fires in the mountain range) begins with the programming of the taking images made by satellites. The images are downloaded and pre-processed in Earth Station Space Center Teófilo Tabanera (CETT) of CONAE in the province of Córdoba. After being examined for their quality, are delivered to professional staff of Space Applications Consulting area in Early Alert and Response to Emergencies (CAEARTE), for processing and final preparation. The information obtained is sent the authorities responsible for the mitigation of emergency, such as the Technical Coordination of the National Fire Management Service.
Spotlights Heat Map performed based on MODIS images, the Terra and Aqua satellites of NASA; given on an 8 Landsat image of 22 February 2015. The colors indicate different dates of data about the area from 17 to 24 February 2015.
In Landsat 8 image, the day February 22, 2015 can be noted the number of outbreaks and fire fronts in deep red color, and pillars of smoke. These fires correspond with the locations marked on the map of hotspots

The Heat Spotlights maps produced by CONAE are produced daily

Are accessible on-line consultation in: https://www.conae.gov.ar/index.php/espanol/catalogos/gestion-de-emergencias/monitoreo-focos-de-calor-noaa-y-terra

Institutions may request the value-added products generated by CONAE by CAEARTE, prior registration on this link: https://www.conae.gov.ar/index.php/espanol/2013-04-08-21-50-43