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Firefighters use new GPS system to reduce response time

Kentucky: Firefighters in Middletown, Kentucky are testing a GPS device to help reduce response time in case of an emergency. Initial results have been found to be positive and the officials are now planning to mount these devices on all the firefighting trucks soon.

The in-truck computer with various features to help in emergency. Credits:wdrb.comIt”s a system that the Louisville Fire Department has been using for two months now. The device is about the size of a wireless router, and acts as a GPS device and wireless hot spot. When it is mounted on a truck, the in-truck computer not only allows firefighters to see where the other fire trucks are in their area, but where the nearest fire hydrant is, and give them directions. Middletown Chief Jeffrey Riddle said, “It”s going to allow them to send the closest unit automatically, without having to know who”s where.” This may provide cross service between districts. Each device costs about $900, plus a monthly data fee administered by the department”s cell phone provider.

Source: wdrb.com