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Fire Location and Incident Reporting System (FLAIR) announced

USA – SDG Systems, LLC (SDG) has announced the availability and support of the FLAIR (Fire Location and Incident Reporting) photography management solution. While FLAIR is initially targeted as a wildfire solution, FLAIR may be customised to support a wide range of geospatial photography applications, including homeland security, defence and other government and commercial applications. SDG will market and sell the FLAIR solution which includes the FLAIR Mobile and Server software, a Ricoh 500SE camera with the SE-3 GPS and compass module, and a Trimble (or TDS) Nomad 800L or 800LD rugged handheld computer. Technical and warranty support will be provided through SDG for both the software and hardware.
FLAIR Mobile software allows a firefighter to categorise, annotate, map, and wirelessly send geocoded (GPS) and compass-coded digital photographs to the secure FLAIR server. The FLAIR Server software creates secure, intelligent, web-based data from the uploaded images. The images are viewable within Google Maps and Google Earth on the Incident Command Post PC.

The application is claimed to be unique in that it brings together different tried-and-true hardware components for the purpose of gathering highly detailed, location-specific and timely intelligence to quickly stop the spread of raging forest fires. As a result of timely data transmission of the images using wireless networks, firefighters are deployed on their missions more quickly and precisely, which ultimately minimizes damage and loss of life. “FLAIR is a perfect example of how the proper convergence of technologies can solve real-world problems,” said Jeff Lengyel, Manager of Ricoh Americas Digital Camera Division.

The Trimble Nomad 800L features an 806 MHz processor, 1 GB of Flash storage, 128 MB RAM, 802.11, integrated Bluetooth(R) technology, GPS and boasts an IP 67 rating making it impervious to dust and water. The rugged Ricoh 500SE offers a geoimaging solution unlike any other camera, integrating both GPS and compass data into images. It quickly and easily integrates quality images into mapping software applications such as FLAIR. Additional information is available at .

The FLAIR package includes the FLAIR Mobile software, a Ricoh 500SE camera with the SE-3 GPS and compass module, a Trimble Nomad 800L rugged handheld computer, and a hard-shell carry case for a retail price of $3,599 per user.