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Finnish police utilises location-based app Grafetee

Helsinki, Finland: In order to make neighbourhoods safe, the Police of Finland (Poliisi) will utilise a location-based app Grafetee. With the help of this new public safety tool, Poliisi aims to protect its citizens via Grafetee-supported interactive map on lahivinkki.com.

Grafetee allows users to update their status with images and text, and to alert the police in real time about things happening in their area, without having to actually make a call. With just a tap, citizens of Finland will be able to report a crime or a dangerous situation, or inform officials of any situation which needs immediate attention. Likewise, the police can alert citizens and request support as needed.

The police will actively monitor both Grafetee app and the online interactive map. In case of emergencies, local users should still call 112 – the Finnish police emergency number.

With geo-fencing technology, being both location-aware and time-sensitive, Grafetee will only display content to users when it is most relevant to them – for example when they are near a location or specific event.

Available for iOS or Android devices, Grafetee is being tested extensively by users and businesses across Finland, and is available via Google Play and Apple App Store worldwide. Co- Founder and CEO of Grafetee, Juha Huttunen said, “We’re extremely excited to have the Finnish Police on board. Their testing and the ensuing refinements to the app will help us create truly useful location based services on our Grafetee platform.”

With a wide array of potential use cases, Grafetee is useful for travelers, for finding and labeling businesses, and especially for businesses notifying people of their location and/or events. Poliisi spokesperson Petri Marjamaa from the National Police Board said, “We are adopting Grafetee to test how a social media service is applicable to make the neighbourhood safe and to help residents to influence their own neighbourhood’s safety.”

Grafetee, a location-based networking platform for smartphones and mobile devices, also allows users to create destination guides by bookmarking real world places and events from the web to a smart device, through location-based public data, including third party data sources like Yelp, Foursquare and Wikipedia, as well as user-created public feeds and private feeds.

Source: Digital Journal