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Find out what’s happening down your street in UK

A NEW hi-tech system will allow people in Salisbury to keep track of what is happening in the area where they live.

Salisbury District Council has introduced geographical Information Systems (GIS) to its website, at www.salisbury.gov.uk which allows users to type in their post code to find all information relevant to them.

The council’s portfolio holder for resources, Cllr Tony Thorpe, said: “More and more people are using the internet to access information.

“It is essential that the council keeps up to speed with the changes in technology and meets people’s aspirations on what they can find out about us online.

“This is wonderful technology which helps you to find out so much about your local area from the comfort of your home. I would urge people to give it a go.

“And I am very proud to say we are the only public authority in Wiltshire to offer this online service.”

Currently, the system covers planning applications, councillor information, recycling sites, conservation areas and listed buildings.

By going to the following pages, you can type in your street name or postcode and find out where your nearest recycling site is, what planning applications are current near your home, is your street in a conservation area and where are the nearest listed buildings to you: