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Fieldbit and InfinityAR announce strategic alliance to develop software for next generation of AR smart glasses

US: Fieldbit, a leading developer of real-time augmented reality collaboration solutions for field services, and InfinityAR, developer of the world’s most advanced Augmented Reality (AR) software engine for AR glasses, today announced a strategic R&D alliance.

Through this alliance, Fieldbit and InfinityAR will jointly develop a vertically integrated solution for field service organizations that marries InfinityAR’s SLAM and Augmented Reality software engine with Fieldbit’s award-winning enterprise platform for remote assistance, collaboration and on-job knowledge capture. In particular, the integration of InfinityAR’s software engines will enable Fieldbit to optimize the compatibility of its AR-based field services application with the next generation of optical see-through smart glasses.

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the field services industry. Large manufacturing and industrial organizations, as well as utilities and other enterprises, are in the midst of strategic digital transformation projects in order to improve the efficiency of their field personnel, retain practical knowledge from aging workforces, and connect customers to the problem resolution cycle. According to Gartner research, smart glasses and AR will play a key role in this digitalization process.

In the meantime, most field personnel still use their smartphones or head-mounted displays to view information in a traditional way. With the emergence of optical see-through smart glasses technology, more and more field service organizations are expected to equip their field technicians with AR glasses.

“Collaborating with both Fieldbit and AR glasses vendors helps us bring an excellent solution to an immediate market need,” said Motti Kushnir, CEO of InfinityAR. “AR glasses offer a clear competitive edge over other remote assistance solutions. The integrated solution, leveraging our advanced SLAM and Augmented Reality engine with Fieldbit’s solution allows field technicians to work hands-free and interact with digital content in the most realistic way through sophisticated scene awareness.”

Fieldbit offers a real-time AR-based collaboration and knowledge capture platform for field services. Using Fieldbit software, service organizations can provide technicians with visual instructions or access to crucial information, including IoT data, exactly when it is needed and in the most precise and context-sensitive way. The integrated solution will take advantage of smart glasses hardware design, AR and SLAM algorithm capabilities for interaction with augmented information, thus enabling the most accurate superimposing of digital content in the field of view with precise position tracking of AR objects related to the user’s movement.

“Our strategic alliance with InfinityAR allows us to offer a best-of-breed AR collaboration solution which is highly tuned to the needs of field services organizations,” said Evyatar Meiron, CEO of Fieldbit. “Our integrated solution for optical see-through smart glasses will allow industrial users to maximize all the benefits that AR has to offer. In addition, based on our practical field service knowledge, we plan to work with InfinityAR in helping smart glasses manufacturers and ODMs adapt their hardware design to the ergonomic and safety requirements of industrial users.”