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Fengyun-2 No. 4 satellite to be launched in later half of 2004

The assembly of Fengyun-2’s No. 4 meteorological satellite independently developed by China has so far been completed and relating tests are underway. It is predicted that China will launch the satellite in the later half of this year. The Fengyun-2’s No. 4 meteorological satellite, a geo-static one will be positioned in the space right over the equator. Its observation scope covers the Asia and pacific area. Apart from infra cloud and vapor distribution graphics, it is capable to observe forest and prairie fires, foggy weather and sandstorms.

According to Li Yunqing, Chief designer of the satellite: compared with the two satellites launched before, the biggest improvement of the Fengyun-2’s No. 4 satellite is its scan radiometer with five channels instead of three, two more channels than its predecessors. The satellite’s resolution and accuracy of observation are greatly enhanced too.

The satellite will be launched in the later half of this year. By then it is able to provide other countries with free cloud maps. The development and launch has roused great attention because all meteorological satellites over the Asia and Pacific area have exceeded their life span. To meet the urgent needs for weather forecast, environment and climate inspection, China is now speeding up the development of new generations of Fengyun-3 and-4 meteorological satellites.