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Feature Analyst 4.0 for ArcGIS available now

Visual Learning Systems (VLS) has announced the release of Feature Analyst 4.0 for ArcGIS. Feature Analyst 4.0 provides users with significant new capabilities including enhanced image and vector handling, direct read/write with the Geodatabase, and a developer API for creating plug-in tools. The toolset comes complete with its professional extraction capabilities and advanced polygon editing tools such as convert to line and square up. Feature Analyst benefits clients such as the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the USDA Forest Service with a simple approach to feature extraction with one-button workflows. Providing increased speed and accuracy, the software offers every advantage over hand-digitizing feature collection methods. Visual Learning Systems, Inc. provides automated mapping solutions. Feature Analyst and LIDAR Analyst, the VLS flagship software products, are used worldwide for GIS database management and mapping applications supporting Defense, Homeland Security, Education, Environmental projects and more.