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FCC initiative to increase access to public data

US: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and FortiusOne launched IssueMap ), an online mapping site that enables citizens to quickly map data they care about and easily share it through social networks. According to a press statement by FortiusOne, IssueMap is as simple as “copy, paste, map.”  Users can go from a spreadsheet to a shareable map in less than 60 seconds.

Built on FortiusOne’s GeoIQ, a user-friendly data management, visualisation and analysis platform, IssueMap allows citizens to visualise data from the FCC, other government databases, and citizen–collected data.

FortiusOne and FCC share a commitment to making public data sets more usable and valuable for all citizens. The Open Government Directive of 2009 brought about the release of massive amounts of tabular government data. Without a simple way to visualise and add context to this data, it has remained largely untapped by the public. IssueMap’s intuitive mapping interface enables citizens and decision-makers alike to engage with this data for better understanding of the issues impacting their communities.  

“IssueMap is a solution to a common problem in the private and public sectors – developing easy-to-understand visuals to help explain complicated datasets,” said Michael Byrne, the FCC’s first Geographic Information Officer. “This partnership between the FCC and FortiusOne has produced a tool that will help decision-makers clearly see how policies and data affect communities, from the national level down to the Census block.”

Source: FortiusOne