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FARO”s conference exceeds content, delivery expectations

Singapore: FARO Technologies hosted its first ever 3D Documentation Conference in Asia Pacific. The flagship regional event saw more than 180 delegates from 20 countries congregating for various sessions of high-value knowledge-exchange from 25 – 26 April 2013 at Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore.

The conference featured latest developments as well as future perspectives relating to 3D documentation, and in attendance were participants from a variety of sectors such as architecture, civil engineering, surveying, forestry, forensics, facilities management, as well as mining and tunneling industries. Speakers from around the world shared their technical know-how and expertise with the audience, and Jay Freeland, CEO and President of FARO Technologies, Inc., graced the event and got the conference off to an engaging start with his insightful introductory remarks.

Centred on the theme of “Connecting 3D Communities”, FARO’s event helped to make meaningful connections. Said Joseph Arezone, Senior Vice-President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, FARO Technologies, Inc., “Several months of hard work in planning and preparation finally culminated in two days of excellent networking and technical sharing at this first-ever FARO 3D Documentation Conference in Asia Pacific. We have held this conference in other regions in the past but this is the first time we are taking it to Asia, and we could not have asked for a better outcome and response. In fact, we have already received requests from delegates asking about when and where the next conference in Asia will be held.”

One of the keynote addresses was delivered by Dr. Bharat Lohani, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India. Dr. Lohani shared his findings and techniques for motion correction for laser scanning of moving objects. His novel approach involves rigid mounting of GPS and INS devices on the body of the object. When trajectory data generated by both devices is processed along with the laser scanner data, motion correction is facilitated.

Another plenary speaker, Magnus Ronnang, Technical Expert, Volvo Cars Group, Sweden, spoke about the usage of 3D laser scanning in Virtual Manufacturing. He asserted that a paradigm shift is imminent, where reverse engineering from point clouds to CAD would no longer be necessary.

Instead, point clouds would be used directly for a variety of manufacturing engineering purposes, and CAD data used to represent new, non-existing artifacts.

Leading experts from FARO, 3D Systems, Bentley Systems, Dustin Productions LLC, and Geospatial Media and Communications also shared their visions on business trends, industry trends, as well as application usage trends for 3D laser scanning technology. Topics explored include intersection of CAD and scanning, business direction of geospatial industry, future of laser scanning in forensics and accident re-construction, information mobility between the virtual and physical, and 3D documentation.

Delegates also participated in six specific technology, industry and workshop sessions focused on process and power piping, architecture and civil engineering, historic preservation, surveying, mapping and tunneling, virtual manufacturing, as well as forensics and accident scenes, where more than 26 industry experts shared their knowledge and experience.

In addition to the conference programme, delegates were able to browse exhibits from nine companies that offer products related to 3D measurement or scanning. Lawrence Rajah, Account Manager, Southern Asia & ANZ, 3D Systems, expressed, “We have received a lot of leads at this conference, and it’s only the first day! We have been a long-time partner with FARO and felt that it was important to be a part of this inaugural 3D conference in Asia. If there are future such conferences in the region, we will be sure to lend our support to FARO again.”

Delegate Lok Qiu Quan, Project Engineer, Self Levelling Metal Machines Pte Ltd, shared his thoughts, “I really enjoyed the high quality and level of knowledge exchange at this conference. It has been an eye-opening experience, and I liked learning more about the various uses of 3D measuring and scanning technology. I have also had the opportunity to appreciate various other aspects and applications of 3D measurement that are outside of my industry.”

The 3D Conference concluded with an excellent gala dinner programme, allowing participants to not just unwind and relax, but also to network and connect in a different setting. A pleasant surprise was sprung on all speakers and exhibitors when the host announced a special Award Presentation to thank each of them for their tremendous support and contribution to the event, as well as to the fast-growing 3D Documentation industry.

David Wang, Deputy General Manager, Beijing STS Instrument Co., Ltd. remarked that the conference was a great networking opportunity. “The content is interesting and there is a good mix of technical information, industry trends, applications, and even challenges in the world of 3D documentation.”

Source: FARO