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FARO to deliver new range of products in Q2

UK: FARO, the provider of portable measurement and imaging systems, has announced that the delivery of a new generation of 3D laser scanners will begin in the second quarter of 2009. Two new models, the FARO Laser Scanner Photon 120 and 20, both feature measuring rates of up to 960,000 points-per-second. It is claimed that the 120 also offers an unprecedented operating range of up to 153 meters (503ft.) making it the longest-range phase-shift laser scanner in the world. The Photon 20, in comparison, has been designed for scanning objects within a range of 20 meters. The recent innovation provides an eightfold increase in speed and a double unambiguity interval compared to the previous generation of FARO’s offerings.

The company also announced the upcoming release of FARO Scene V4.6, the latest version of its scan processing software, which accelerates the registration of scans by 90 percent compared to manual completion.

FARO is presenting the market’s fastest 3D laser scanner and its new processing software at the SPAR 2009 conference in Denver from March 29th to April 1st. In conjunction with the new system offerings, an upgrade path from previous generation FARO laser scanners will be available to current users.