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FARO releases advance scan processing software solution

US: FARO Technologies, has released its most advanced scan processing software solution, FARO SCENE 5.2. The new software makes complex geomatic and surveying tasks easier, and makes scan results look better.

In SCENE 5.2, 3D visualisations are rendered in even greater detail with the new Super Sampling function. Apart from better sharpness, the software also improves 3D views by reducing color differences due to inhomogeneous light conditions at different scanning positions. The Color Balancing tool seamlessly smoothens the transition between individual scans with overlapping areas.

Additionally, the SCENE 5.2 is equipped to process data more efficiently than ever before. The new software comes with a homogenization tool that eliminates coordinate points with a distance of less than 1.5 mm from each other. This smart function reduces the volume of data by an average of 20%, with no noticeable compromise to the visualisation. Users can enjoy considerably faster exports of scan data from 3D view, and imports into third party software.

Source: FARO