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FARO Laser Tracker IONs for the Airbus A350

US: FARO Technologies and Airbus have signed a five-year agreement. Under this agreement, FARO will be a key supplier of laser trackers and measurement accessories for the new Airbus A350 project assembly line. The agreement includes 62 FARO Laser Tracker ION units and also covers Airbus’ key system providers for fixtures and production systems.

Airbus has been a long-standing FARO customer and this agreement complements the 33 units in operation since 2002, which includes the assembly of the A380′s main body section (fuselage) in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

“The Airbus decision to purchase additional units of the new Laser Tracker ION confirms that FARO has proven to be a key supplier to Airbus’ manufacturing processes and demonstrates that the FARO Laser Tracker is a state-of-the-art product that meets the most challenging requirements, enabling high-precision measurements and supporting advanced production methods,” stated Hakiran Sandhu, Country Manager, FARO Singapore.

Source: FARO