FARO laser scanner aid in heritage restoration

FARO laser scanner aid in heritage restoration


France: Art Graphique & Patrimoine (AGP), a specialist in dimensional drawings of buildings and works of art, has used FARO laser scanner to create virtual mock-ups, which in turn have been used to create spectacular enhanced reality applications.

This new technology, which enables the superimposition of virtual elements onto reality, opens up new options for presenting sites and works of art. It is thus possible to display missing or lost elements, to provide complementary information and to reconstruct historical scenes and décor in a manner that is at once spectacular, playful and educational.

The exciting nature of the applications offered by AGP is based on two components: the quality of the 3D replication and the precision with which the virtual tableau is superimposed on reality.

This superimposition must be perfectly adjusted as the intersections between the real and the virtual must be created with seamless accuracy. The FARO laser scanner is especially suitable for this purpose as it is able to rapidly capture the real setting with a high degree of precision. The point cloud generated by the digitisation process is then meshed and textured to create a 3D model.

Source: FARO