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FARO Focus3D makes 3D documentation easier

Singapore: FARO, a leading provider of portable 3D Documentation, measurement and imaging systems, released Multi-Sensor system for the FARO Focus3D and the new SCENE software.

According to the company’s press statement, new Multi-Sensor hardware feature includes the Compass and Height Sensor which complement the existing Dual Axis Compensator for the FARO Focus3D. The two new sensors deliver the orientation and the relative height against a set starting point for each scan. They significantly improve the automatic registration process, minimising manual effort in post processing.

With the WLAN remote control, the FARO Focus3D presents a helpful new feature which allows users to start, stop, view or download scans remotely. Examples include scanning from difficult to reach positions like high posts, inside tanks, sewage canals.

Moreover the FARO Focus3D can now be equipped with three new adapters useful for specific applications. The Automation Adapter allows the Focus3D to be mounted on any support like a fixed post, robot arm, rail etc.; the Helical Adapter for mobile scanning builds on the Automation Adapter, but adds two pins to fix the scanner body in a stable position, suitable for the roughest rides that may be encountered in mobile scanning; finally the TMS-Adapter has been developed especially for surveying in super-fast tunnelling applications.

SCENE WebShare 4.9, FARO’s Internet sharing browser, will provide measurement tools and added information via Documentation Objects. Scans shared using the WebShare functionality can be directly analysed on the browser: in the overview map it is possible to accurately measure distances and surfaces, while in the panorama view of the software you can easily measure distances between points.

Source: FARO