FARO enhances accuracy of break resistant SMR

FARO enhances accuracy of break resistant SMR


US: FARO Technologies released a break resistant spherically mounted retroreflector (SMR) as a part of their newly expanded line of laser tracker targets. The company claimed that it is the world’s most accurate break resistant SMR. It is 80% more accurate than previous FARO models. The combination of the sphere properties and the centering of the optics make it the world’s most accurate break resistant SMR.

The new break resistant SMRs available at a lower cost than before – some are even less than a traditional glass panel SMR. This will allow users to quickly recognise a true return on the investment. “FARO’s dedication to providing world-class 3D measurement and imaging solutions doesn’t stop with the devices themselves,” said Jay Freeland, FARO’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our goal is to continuously offer industry-leading accessories that enable optimal device performance. With FARO’s new line SMRs, we are able to take the durability and performance of break resistant SMRs and make them affordable for more customers.”

These new targets are available in three models: standard accuracy, long range and high performance. Each one has higher accuracy than previous FARO break resistant SMRs, while the long range and high performance models have the ability to track up to 55 meters with the FARO Laser Tracker ION.

“Regardless of how accurate your laser tracker is, the quality of the measurements is directly affected by the precision of the target,” said Ken Steffey, FARO Director of Product Management – Laser Tracker Products. “These new break resistant SMRs contain a single element retroreflector with a gold coating. Since the retroreflector is constructed of a single element, there are no separate glass panels that can shift or break over time. Users can now have the peace of mind that comes with a break resistant target without having to sacrifice high performance.”

Source: FARO