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FARO appoints Position Partners as master distributor

US: 3D positioning solutions company, Position Partners, has been appointed as FARO’s master distributor across Australia and Papua New Guinea, with master distribution rights to FARO’s 3D documentation products in both countries.

The distribution rights include FARO’s award winning FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D range of products, ideal for precise measurement of large objects and environments for 3D documentation and modelling.

Position Partners and FARO hosted the 3D User Conference in Sydney on 21st October.

“Position Partners has been a FARO distributor since 2013 and we have seen how the company is able to sell and support the product successfully throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea,” said Joseph Arezone, Senior Vice President and Managing Director (Asia Pacific), FARO.

“They have a team of more than 200 employees and with offices in every state and territory in Australia, we are confident that Position Partners will bring forth FARO’s solutions to the market professionally,” he added.

Source: Position Partners