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Farmers’ woes continue in UK

UK: It appears that some British farmers will still have to wait to receive Rural Land Registry (RLR) maps from the Rural Payments Agency (RPA). More than a week back, around 6,000 farmers from the National Farmers Union (NFU) met with RPA officials to expedite the matter. The RPA had promised that before the end of April, all farmers will receive Land Registry Maps.

However, 1200 farmers are still awaiting the map dispatch. This includes 860 farmers awaiting confirmatory maps as part of the Rural Land Register (RLR) mapping update, plus 90 farmers who had a physical SPS inspection and 250 who had a remote sensing inspection.

RPA acknowledged that it would be forced to send ‘interim maps’ to 550 farmers in cases where confirmed maps were not ready. These maps, which will be printed on pale blue paper and accompanied by an explanatory note, will show farmers the latest RLR information for their land, but may not include all the changes asked for.

Sources: Farmers Guardian