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Farmers better equipped to deal with climate change

India: Soon, farmers would get a protective knowledge cover to save them from the vagaries of weather. They are going to get long term weather pattern predictions based on which they can firm up their cropping decisions.

Agriculture scientists and experts of Indian remote sensing applications (IRSA) have evolved models that would calculate the atmospheric conditions and its’ compatibility with crops for different agro-climatic conditions in state.

“Now farmers would be knowing about the weather conditions in advance. This will bolster the financial status of farmers and their produce as well. Besides, farmers would get the crop options round the year and can do crop planning well in advance,” said Dr Dubey, a scientist.

He substantiates that if there is prediction of 25 per cent less rainfall in the monsoon then farmers by not sowing paddy crop can eliminate the changes of getting damaged their crops. Crops selected in the project are wheat, paddy, mustard, potato, maize, pigeon pea, gram, lentil, sugarcane, sorghum (jwar) and chickpea.

Source: HT