Home News Farmer who lost hand in accident develops satellite safety device

Farmer who lost hand in accident develops satellite safety device

A man in Saskatchewan, Canada forced to cut off two of his two fingers after being trapped under a rock picker for nearly three days, has developed a device to prevent similar tragedies in the future. Bruce Osiowy has teamed up with a manufacturer in Calgary to produce a satellite tracking system that can be used by anyone who works alone and may need help. Osiowy said the global positioning satellite system comes in two parts – a receiver that fits anywhere on a vehicle and a hand-held piece that triggers it. Osiowy said the device costs $3,000 but it’s worth the price.

“I’d pay 10 times, 20 times that to get my hand back. But it’s impossible. You can’t.” Osiowy cut off two of his fingers after he caught his hand in a rock picker for around 66 hours last June. Surgeons later had to amputate his left hand because of the damage caused by the accident and the cold. Osiowy said his system has three triggers. One button sends a signal notifying an answering system of the exact location of your emergency. The second button automatically activates if the person is unconscious. The third button tells the system there’s a problem, but it’s not an emergency. Osiowy said he came up with the idea when waiting for help while he was trapped. He said he kept wishing he had some kind of satellite-based mapping system that would alert others about his predicament and lead them to where he was trapped. Osiowy will be taking his system to farm shows in Alberta this month to measure public response. He said if there’s interest, he hopes to market the system soon.