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Farallon Geographics Certified as Green Business

April 28, 2008 – San Francisco – Farallon Geographics today announced that it is the first IT or GIS firm in San Francisco to be certified as a Green Business. Farallon is committed to helping the planet through mapping and geographical information services (GIS), as well as minimizing our impact on the environment. Recognition as a Green Business is the result of several key initiatives, including:

  • Posting maps and geographic information online to minimize paper use.
  • Helping environmental organizations such as Bay Area Air Quality Management District by building mapping applications to monitor air quality.
  • Maintaining a robust program of reuse, compost and recycle.
  • Using bikes, walking, BART, and MUNI for transportation to the office.
  • All marketing is online so no trees are harmed or fossil fuels consumed.
  • Using CFLs and Energy Star equipment to reduce energy consumption.
  • Purchasing recycled content products and low-toxic cleaners.

“Farallon Geographics is committed to making a significant, positive impact in the communities where we do business. From purchasing decisions through resource consumption and transportation policies to the services we provide, we are setting the standard for environmental awareness,” said Joe Metro, Chief Marketing Officer, Farallon Geographics.