Home News Factual announces partnership with Airship and Braze to power mobile marketing

Factual announces partnership with Airship and Braze to power mobile marketing

USA: Location data firm Factual has announced its partnership with two of mobile marketing’s top tech firms with its Location Engine SDK.

The partnership will enhance Airship and Braze’s efforts to furnish clients with precise mobile messaging based on the location of the customers they want to reach. Airship and Braze help brands engage their customers, retaining their business and ideally driving them back in-store. Airship rebranded, dropping the Urban from its name, last month.

Factual’s SDK transforms reams of location data into comprehensible information, including audience segments that marketers can easily target for maximally effective campaigns. Targeted campaigns tend to be more effective than one-size-fits-all, spray-and-pray mobile messaging, and location is the most valuable data layer on the market.

Matt McRoberts, SVP, Alliances at Braze said, “By partnering with Factual, we’re continuing to advance a comprehensive, interconnected data ecosystem for our customers.”

McRoberts adds, “At Braze, we fundamentally believe data should be agile and experiences should be contextual and as such we’re excited to welcome Factual to our Braze Alloys partnership ecosystem.”

“Rich, real-time context like Factual’s location intelligence is crucial to ensure companies reach exactly the right person in exactly the right moment, in ways that build trust, boost engagement, drive action, and grow value,” said Mike Stone, SVP of marketing at Airship.