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Facebook reveals future plans for location APIs

US: Recently, Facebook made two major announcements. It shut down Gowalla, the LBS app it acquired three months ago. In addition, it announced the launch of a boatload of new features for third-party apps.

The social network website gave third-party developers the ability to add location and friends as properties to any update, photo, or link. To accomplish this feat, the social network rolled out a whole herd of new APIs and documentation. Now, users have their location-setting API, their friend-tagging API, their improved places search API and their location-reading API.

Through a blog post, Facebook engineer Karan Mangla explained, “The company has been working hard on beefing up ‘Places’ and other location functionality for the past year and a half. Location-tagging is now a universal feature for all photos and statuses, and there’s even a new map view for Timeline, so you can see your activities represented geographically rather than chronologically, if you choose.”

Source: VB