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FAA grants Section 333 exemption to Property Drone Consortium

US: The Federal Aviation Administration has granted Section 333 exemption and a Certificate of Waiver or Authorisation (COA) to Property Drone Consortium (PDC), a collaboration of insurance carriers, construction industry leaders and supporting enterprises promoting research and development for the safe use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones.

The exemption will allow the PDC to legally fly and conduct restricted research and development on the use of drones for aerial data collection in the US National Airspace System. Founded by EagleView Technology Corporation, the PDC will now be able to use Microdrones MD4−1000 and Aerialtronics Altura Zenith ATX8 for aerial data collection, including research for property inspection in the insurance and construction industries.

“We are very pleased with the Section 333 exemption and COA. Understanding the importance of UAS technology for property inspections led us to gather best of class organisations to form this consortium. As industry leaders we needed to be a part of the overall UAS discussions including regulations, standards and safety considerations. Collaboration and shared research is the best allocation of resources for all involved in terms of internal skill-sets, regulatory insight, financials, and the overall technology expertise needed in regards to aerial platforms, sensors, data capture, data management and workflow integration.”

Chris Barrow, chairperson of the PDC and president and CEO of EagleView

Source: Property Drone