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FAA certifies airborne oil spill monitoring system

US: The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified recently launched SkyEye 350, a Hawker/Beechcraft King Air 350-based MEDUSA Airborne Oil Spill Monitoring and Maritime Surveillance Multi-Mission Aerial Surveillance Platform. It was launched by Aerial Surveillance Systems, Inc. (ASSI) and OPTIMARE Sensorsysteme.

According to the company’s press statement, recent Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Spill Disaster and other terror events had exposed the worldwide need for a robust and high-tech solution for workable and effective oil spill response plans and offshore security. Hence, ASSI and OPTIMARE joined forces to integrate the full suite of airborne sensors by OPTIMARE and the airborne maritime surveillance system MEDUSA into the SkyEye 350 multi-role, special missions, aerial surveillance aircraft.

Airborne oil spill monitoring, anti-piracy, EEZ protection and maritime surveillance by the SkyEye 350 allows for full and flexible investigation and tracking of all types of oil spills and the characteristics of those spills, vessel movements and search and rescue. These capabilities allow oil spill response crews or government forces and vessels to quickly and accurately assess and plot the areas of highest (thickest) oil concentrations and will allow decision-makers to move quickly in directing effective clean-up efforts, will allow the deterrence of potential polluters and terrorists and will aid clean-up provability and actionable intelligence by storing secure, time-stamped and geo-referenced evidence of the spill or event scene for future reference and instant transmission in real-time.

Source: ASSI – Link1 & Link2