Eye-Sys Visualization software released

Eye-Sys Visualization software released


Columbia, USA, November 14, 2007: Eye-Sys, application created to revolutionize data-driven, real-time visualization, has been launched by Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. (IDV).

The software developed and partially funded through engagements with the US Dept of Defense, various research organizations and leading defence contractors, offers unprecedented versatility and an intuitive user interface to meet the demands of visualizing complex and dynamic data of all types. Everything from text files and 3D models to databases and streaming data can be brought into Eye-Sys, manipulated, and then viewed together interactively in real-time.

“We expect Eye-Sys to bring tremendous value to a wide variety of disciplines,” said Chris King, CEO of IDV. “Professionals from industries as diverse as modelling and simulation, defence, engineering, GIS and research and development will find a well-documented toolset that interacts with many legacy applications.”

“It’s a visual programming environment with more customizing options than any other product on the market. Users can create their own visual programs in the Eye-Sys sandbox, write custom scripts to manipulate incoming data, or extend Eye-Sys using our optional C++/.NET SDK,” King added.