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Extensible GIS platform for enterprise wide information flows empowered by .NET environments launched

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, 3 October 2006 – UK-based NDMC Consulting Ltd has announced the launch of Encanvas Enterprise Web GIS. It is the first extensible GIS platform for enterprise wide information flows empowered by .NET environments.

Encanvas offers a open and extensible platform for GIS that means all enterprise information flows can gain access to GIS in order to leverage its enormous potential as a multi-role technology component used in work scheduling, asset management, inspection, business intelligence and many other spheres.

In addition to servicing the existing genre of popular GIS application users, Encanvas Enterprise Web GIS will embed geospatial workflow into a new portfolio of day-to-day uses such as scheduling sales visits, analysing customer displacement and providing richer information to the general public.

With Encanvas Enterprise Web GIS one can expect to:

– Extend existing geocentric implementations into enterprise-wide systems that extend to frontline, workshop and mobile environments
– Make ONE SYSTEM of GIS available to future information flow developments across the enterprise as an enabling technology for productivity and financial perspectives of organisational improvement
– Leverage geospatial information assets with enriched functionality for advanced visualisation, reporting and information flow across departmental and organisational silos
– Exploit Encanvas’s ‘across-the-desk’ project model to author more effective information flows that best-fit stakeholder expectations and reduce both the time and cost of technology deployments Introduction

– About Encanvas Enterprise GIS Information Flow Model
Organisations adopting standards based IT systems architectures are moving towards Web based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Microsoft .NET operating Platforms. To deploy geocentric workflows within these modern computing environments, Encanvas’s Enterprise Network Canvas technology has been designed to provide an ideal integration layer with built-in enablement of all major aspects of Enterprise Information Flow authored by a single desktop tool – Encanvas Create.

Adoption of NO CODE drag-and-drop authoring of GIS solutions for Web Services means that practitioners can rapidly architect best fit solutions for their workflow without the need to adopt a portfolio of GIS, Intranet, Search and Visualisation tools.

Encanvas Enterprise Web GIS requires no downloadable plug-ins or applications when used in a web deployed context; making the solution ideal for modern ‘always-on’ GIS implementations and Web Services.

Furthermore, Encanvas also offers mobile and desktop deployment options for further extensibility of the geocentric information flow to off-line workshop and mobile computing environments.

Unlike traditional GIS solutions, Encanvas Enterprise Web GIS provides the ability to filter and display information held within many existing back-office and desktop systems at the same time; making light work of gathering and elegantly displaying information from multiple data-sources.

Should data require geo-coding (i.e. Plotting of polygons, lines or points on a GIS map), Encanvas Enterprise Web GIS provides users with the ability to accurately plot geo-code data on a desktop, mobile PDA or web (Internet Explorer) client.

– What Makes Encanvas Different?
The biggest visible difference between Encanvas and traditional GIS controls is that GIS vendors have previously only focused on THE GIS CONTROL itself and provide little or no extensibility to build geocentric, converged platforms for information flow.

Encanvas provides an out-of-the-box broad enterprise information framework that can be authored from a single desktop software application. For most corporations, geocentric workflows have become a key part of Enterprise information flow.

However, even when functionally compared to dedicated ‘GIS-only’ software products, Encanvas GIS design objects provide a richness of functionality in their own right to provide instant benefits to traditional GIS user communities.

Key differentiators include:
– The ability to plot polygons, lines and points using an Internet Explorer browser without requiring additional resources
– Access to multiple sources of data at the same time, within the same information flow
– Virtually unlimited numbers of data layers across GIS maps (constrained only by DBMS limitations)
– Offline and mobile extensibility (i.e. The ability of Canvases to transport information into off-line environments such as workshops or in-field applications)
– Ability to embed GIS data sets and business intelligence visualisation into enterprise guided search
– Drag and drop reporting incorporating GIS data sets

– About NDMC Ltd
UK-based NDMC Consulting Ltd is the author of Encanvas and applies best-practise approaches for enterprise network information flow to help clients achieve their corporate outcomes. Enterprise Network Canvas (Encanvas) software technology – developed by NDMC Ltd – provides an evolutionary way of gathering and sharing information across
the Enterprise Network. For more information visit: www.encanvas.com