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Exprodat releases Team-GIS Segment Analyst 202

London, UK: Exprodat has released version 202 of Team-GIS Segment Analyst and for the first time geoscientists are able to rely on a single toolkit to create common risk segment (CRS) maps while mapping play fairways.

The release contains major new functionality including support for raster and contour datasets as inputs, the ability to apply weightings to input layers and a data extraction tool that enables integration with third party applications.

With Team-GIS Segment Analyst version 202, exploration teams will vastly improve their understanding of play risk, enabling them to easily identify the most prospective parts of a playas well as significantly reducing evaluation cycle times. Team-GIS Segment Analyst provides critical information for informing prospect risking, acreage ranking and portfolio investment decisions.

Exprodat’s Technical Director, Chris Jepps, said, “Team-GIS Segment Analyst started life as a niche tool for converting descriptive geologic data to risk or probability. By adding major new functionality to version 202 we have transformed Team-GIS Segment Analyst into the complete toolkit for building common risk segment maps.”

Team-GIS Segment Analyst is an ArcGIS Desktop extension for creating CRS maps of basins and play fairways. Multiple input layers such as geological structure, isochore, geochemistry, gross depositional environment or paleogeography can be used as proxies for key play system elements (for example, source, reservoir and seal) and assigned numeric risk or probability values. These layers can then be combined mathematically into a CRS (or ‘traffic light’) map.

With Team-GIS Segment Analyst the user can better understand play extents, spatial risk distributions, identify ‘sweet-spots’ and ultimately develop and refine play and portfolio investment strategies, adds the company.

Source: Exprodat