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Exprodat launches tool to mitigate oil exploration risks

UK: Exprodat has launched the version 201 of Team-GIS Segment Analyst, a toolkit for building common risk segment maps for use in exploration play fairway analysis. With Team-GIS Segment Analyst, petroleum E&P companies can improve their understanding of play risk, reduce technical uncertainty and significantly reduce technical evaluation cycle times.
Team-GIS Segment Analyst is an ArcGIS extension for creating common risk segment maps of basins and play fairways. Multiple input layers from disparate sources (e.g. depositional environment, paleogeography) can be used as proxies and rapidly assigned numeric risk values in order to create risk maps for key play system elements such as reservoir, source and seal, which can then be combined into a common risk segment model. With Team-GIS Segment Analyst the user can better understand play extents, spatial risk distributions, identify ‘sweet-spots’ and ultimately develop and refine play investment strategy.

Exprodat’s Team-GIS product suite is made up of a number of extensions to ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop that provide ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality designed specifically for the needs of the petroleum sector. Team-GIS software is data independent and allows E&P companies to integrate vendor data with in-house datasets for use in GIS-based spatial analysis.

Source: Earthtimes