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ExpressMaps to deliver maps of 3/4th of the Earth

USA: Spot Image and Infoterra, subsidiaries of EADS Astrium, are launching the online service at www.express-maps.com to deliver detailed base maps covering over three quarters of the Earth’s land surfaces.

This service creates base maps at a scale of 1:50 000, which can be delivered electronically to users in the space of just 6 hours. This service is principally aimed at first responders — civil protection agencies, as well as military and humanitarian aid teams — in crisis management situations. EXPRESSMaps supplies detailed and precise maps of an area of interest derived from recent, very-high-resolution archive satellite imagery.

The ability to obtain such maps quickly and easily is also vital to meet the critical logistics requirements of prospecting, exploration and operations teams working in remote regions. EXPRESSMaps includes a special multi-licence for NGOs offering the same delivery times, making it easier for them to pool resources and rendering operations more effective on the ground.

An innovative feature of the service is that the entire map production process is patented. Each step is optimised and timed to ensure prompt delivery in all circumstances, whatever the area of interest, all year round.