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Experts propose high-tech surveillance in Nigeria

Nigeria: A security consulting firm has advised the Federal Government in Nigeria to use the latest technology in security surveillance to fight insecurity. Jimie Enobong, Chief Executive Officer, Global Corp – a security consulting firm, said that security solutions such as satellite technologies, GPS, IP-based wireless mesh networks, intelligent surveillance cameras and microwave are technologies that can help the nation tackle the menace of insecurity.

The Federal Government has already ordered for closed circuit televisions which will be installed in public and private establishments to combat insecurity in the country. But the expert said that the Government should use current technologies in security surveillance, which basically is the application of intelligent high-definition surveillance cameras with a lot of video analytics.

He said if the government had applied the Internet Protocol IP mesh technologies before the bombings, the perpetrators would have been caught. On the possibility of lack of power affecting the CCTVs, Enobong stated that lack of adequate power in the country would affect the operation of the cameras, but the degree would be reduced if IP-based cameras, with power over Internet applications that consume less power and has backup that can last up to six months are used.

Source: allAfrica