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Experts discuss the need for geospatial strategy for development

Dubai: The second plenary on ‘Geospatial strategy for national and regional development’ at the Middle East Geospatial Forum was chaired by Barbara Ryan, Director, Geo Secretariat, Switzerland. Dean Angelides, Corporate Director, International Operations, Esri, USA revealed the growing demand of geospatial information in this era. He highlighted how web-GIS enables new thinking and a whole new generation of applications to support government and business to grow and develop more effectively.

Michael Jones, Chief Technology Advocate, Google, USA talked about the importance of maps and revealed that it has become a part of normal human psychology. He said that Google Earth and Google Maps get one billion unique users every month. “Maps make a beautiful artwork out of daily routine,” he added. He discussed about Google’s Streetview and underwater mapping initiatives which present a reality of the world to users.

Gian Gherardo Calini, Head – Market Development, European GNSS Agency, EU talked about the Galileo and EGNOS initiatives of the European government. He said that Galileo services will be available by the end of 2014. He further said that European Galileo and EGNOS deliver top performance positioning and is on its way to become one of the main pillars of future smart city applications.

Source: Our Correspondent