Experts discuss geospatial and economic growth of Chile at Forum

Experts discuss geospatial and economic growth of Chile at Forum


Chile: Over 150 experts from geospatial industry congregated in Santiago for the Chile Geospatial Forum. The two-day conference is a first of its kind event held in Chile with an exclusive focus on its emerging economy. Organised by Geospatial Media and Communications, the conference is based on theme ‘Geospatial and Economic growth of Chile’.

Top geospatial professionals as well as senior executives from the government discussed about the initiatives taken to encourage the adoption of geospatial technology at day one of the conference. Juan Carlos Bulnes Concha, Subsecretary of National Goods, highlighted the benefits of geospatial technology that can be leveraged by Chile in making efficient and informed public policies. “The information can be produced in many ways and in different languages. But we, in Chile, are trying to produce all the information in one language only”, Concha said highlighting the isolated initiatives of the government. He emphasised for establishing a single standardised information database for the country.

One important step taken in this direction was the Digital Map of Chile. It was launched in early June and recognised as a first and important step in the direction towards a National Geospatial Data Infrastructure of Chile. Various industry experts held discussion about this platform on the first day of Chile Geospatial Forum. The discussion was chaired by Matias Fortuño, Executive Secretary of the National Land Information System.

Many industry experts gave presentations about their projects and solutions at the conference. Enterprises such as Hexagon, XYGO, Geocen and Digimaps showcased their latest projects to the audience. An exhibition, parallel to the conference, was also organised.

Source: Our Correspondent