Experts discuss contribution of land management

Experts discuss contribution of land management


South Africa: The evolution and readiness of African land agencies for supporting national developmental agendas was brought out at the exclusive Dialogue Forum on Geospatial Enabling Vision Programmes in Africa during the recently held Africa Geospatial Forum on August 14, 2013 at Cape Town, South Africa. The one-day programme had deliberations from heads of Land Management Organisations of South Africa, Swaziland, Nigeria and Namibia elaborating on the status of land administration in their respective countries and the challenges they are facing in their road to progress.

These deliberations were supported by some excellent presentations by senior representatives of South African and Kenyan Vision Directorates who elaborated on their government’s vision and plans for various developmental goals like health, infrastructure, education, housing etc. The speakers acknowledged the contribution of an effective land management programme as an enabler for achieving the various goals set out by their governments.

Senior representatives from private industries like Thomson Reuters, Hexagon, Trimble, DigitalGlobe and Sivan Design also participated in the programme enumerating the various products, solutions and services they offer to the land administration sectors for establishing a sound land management programme and how that can help the fulfilment of developmental goals. OGC made a presentation enumerating the importance of standards for these organisations inviting active participation of African nations in OGC programmes. Geospatial Media and Communications also made an evaluative presentation enumerating the global scenario vis-à-vis land administration and how it is delaying socio-economic development.

The day’s agenda was chaired by Aida Opoku-Mensah, Special Advisor: Post 2015 Development Agenda, UN Economic Commission for Africa, who did a commendable job of steering the discussions on the important topic linking land administration with achievement of developmental goals. She was able to provide a holistic view of Developmental Agenda from UN’s perspective adding substance to the deliberations. The programme was supported by Thomson Reuters as a partner.

Source: Our Correspondent