Experts discuss advantages of neogeography

Experts discuss advantages of neogeography


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Experts addressing the technology trend session on the second day of the Asia Geospatial Forum 2013 talked about the advantages of neogeography.

Dr. Kam Tin Seong, Associate Professor of Information Systems (Practice), Singapore Management University, stated that neogeography apparently means to enable non-GIS experts to use GIS. He also talked about Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis (ESDA) and explained how neogeographers can perform such analysis. Ang Chin Han, Chief Technology Officer, Tuxuri Malaysia said that Google is driving a new wave of neogeography. Rozinah Anas, Project Director – MERS999, Telekom Malaysia, stated that SaveME999 (an emergency response service) is the finest example of neogeography in Malaysia. Even physically disabled people (including deaf and blind) can use this service through smartphone apps. It can be downloaded from the MERS999 portal at

Kailash Agarwal, Vice President and Head of Asia Pacific – GIS Business, NIIT Technologies, Singapore, reiterated how cloud is driving new wave of neogeography. He mentioned that one of his clients, Singapore Land Authority (SLA), has hosted its Web portal called ‘OneMap’ on Amazon Web Cloud (AWC). In addition, he stressed that GIS can help insurance and construction verticals by streamlining different processes. He cited an example from India where the company helped Airport Authority of India (AAI) in streamlining construction work at the New Delhi Airport.

Chew Chin Yee, Principal Geospatial Consultant, Geospatial Information & Services, Geospatial Division of SLA, explained neogeographical activities using OneMap. She said that developers can use OneMap’s API and develop applications for smartphone. For example, the Authority developed LOO Connect app for Android phones and encouraged people to use this map to report about the sanitation system in Singapore.

Source: Our Correspondent