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Experts debate on interoperability & security of data

New Delhi: Lt Col Anupam Tiwari, HQ IDS, Indian Army talked about spatial big data and challenges during the session on ‘Data Infrastructure – Interoperability & Security of Data’ at the second day of GeoIntelligence India 2013. He touched upon the challenges like security, data storage and input validation. He concluded his presentation by providing some solutions to the challenges of stringent policies and secure communications.

Dr M K Munshi / Chair, OGC India Forum presented his views on value of open standards for defence and homeland security. He also emphasised OGC’s approach towards the propagation and implementation of open standards.

Chris Tucker, CEO, Map Story Foundation, talked about geospatial interoperability framework, geospatial processing, analysis and business intelligence and growing agreement on standards in defence &intelligence.

Adimulam Vinay Babu, Sr. Manager Defence and Public Safety, Intergraph talked about interoperability and commonality in systems. He also talked about common warfighting symbologies and integrating solution for tactical picture.

Source: Our Correspondent