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Experts advocate ‘open geospending’ for sustainable world

Rotterdam, The Netherlands: In order to cope up with the changing scenario, knowledge in different disciplines is necessary. Geography provides a foundation and Geodesign helps in creating a sustainable and smarter world, said Prof Henk Scholten, CEO, Geodan at the pre-conference exchange programme on ‘Monetising geospatial value and practices’ at the Geospatial World Forum 2013 in Rotterdam.

Prof Henk said academics are interested in understanding urban and regional future. This will help in comprehending the spatial processes, simulate the land use patterns, predict the outcome and inform the governments about the vulnerability of the patterns and also try and design alternatives.

It is important to have a framework that integrates other sciences with spatial sciences – geography, regional economy, traffic and transport, methods of design including architecture, spatial planning, information technology, public participation, decision making and performance monitoring, he said.

It is important to adopt the concept of ‘open geospending’ to keep a tab on where the money is being spent, understand the return and the performance of the money being spent, he added.

Source: Our Correspondent

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