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Expanded web site with on-demand demographic reports, mapping, and data

ESRI Business Information Solutions (ESRI BIS) has launched the first phase of its expanded Web site at www.esribis.com. A website for businesses and marketing professionals seeking marketing information applications, the new site integrates business data with geographic information system (GIS) technology and enables users to generate reports, customize thematic maps, and store their analysis projects. Enhancements feature a rich new interface, more robust data reports, access to thousands of variables for online thematic mapping capabilities, flexible subscription models, and ease of use. Both ESRI GIS software and ESRI BIS data products strengthen the site’s capabilities, giving users quick and easy data access and retrieval, data visualization in map form, and data analysis for critical decision making. Users can now instantly access the industry’s best demographic data, estimates, forecasts, and segmentation from the vast repository of ESRI BIS databases.

Premium subscribers can use thematic mapping features to create presentation-quality maps with thousands of single demographic data variables posted at the site. Flexible subscription options offer users unlimited access to reporting and mapping capabilities. Subscribers can avoid having to re-create projects each time they access the site with special user project folders for customizing report preferences, managing subscription status, and storing analysis projects.