Exor expansion continues in Hong Kong

Exor expansion continues in Hong Kong


Exor Corporation enhanced its global position as the leader in infrastructure asset management solutions by announcing a strategic new contract in the Hong Kong territories recently.

This suite is based on the Oracle technology stack including Oracle database and application servers for web delivery. The database includes the Oracle Spatial option as a central open repository for geospatial information.

Emphasis has been placed on the GIS and mapping functionality for complex managerial reporting tools required by the Hong Kong Highways Departments on the condition of the network and asset. In order to satisfy these requests Exor’s Information Manager delivers a web based information portal allowing both Gammon and the Highways Department to view a wide variety of management information generated from embedding all the Exor modules and from external database information silos into Exor’s Information Manager.

Gammon Construction, Asia’s largest construction company, is a major new client for Exor. Gammon was awarded a HK$ 480 million eight-year contract for the management and maintenance of the high-speed road network in the four New Territories and Hong Kong Island. As part of the solution, Gammon proposed Exor software to help Gammon deliver cost-effective and innovative management and maintenance programs.

Exor will deploy its leading highways and asset management software to enable Gammon Construction to efficiently manage and plan the road infrastructure and assets. The deployment will encompass Exor’s Map Capture, Spatial, Network, Maintenance, Inquiry and Information Management solution suite.