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Exor Corporation announces release of its linear asset management software

Exor Corporation, providing Infrastructure Asset Management Solutions, has recently announced the latest release of its linear asset management software. The new release builds on Exor’s capabilities in the area of integrated asset management, and features significant enhancements for enterprise wide consolidation of asset registers and work practices through a spatial ‘Hub’.

A major enhancement at the 3.2.1 release is the ability to model and include assets in databases that have no connection to a linear network – such as a recreational park – with the total flexibility Exor users have been used to. These are treated in the same way as all other assets (in terms of being available in the Exor application suite), resulting in a single inspection and works ordering regime across the entire organization. This eliminates inefficiencies in work patterns and promotes consistency of practice and reporting across all asset types.

Exor is committed to making data more accessible by creating information and knowledge flows across and beyond the enterprise. With this in mind, the extension to the functionality of Exor’s Foreign Table set allows objects defined outside of the Exor Database to be included within it, as if a ‘virtual’ object. These virtual objects can be treated in the same manner as other assets for mapping, reporting or works management etc. This ‘Hub’ concept allows organizations to create a single view of their asset data.

With the latest release every Exor object now has the ability to be represented in map form making the Exor system a complete spatial solution capable of seamlessly integrating into any GIS strategy. This is made possible due to the total absorption of all spatial data into the core using Oracle Spatial technology. Users gain immediate benefit as Exor applications are now provided with embedded mapping, across the web, providing significant improvements in usability. In addition Exor continues to enjoy a strategic relationship with ESRI and at 3.2.1 major enhancements have been made to the Spatial Manager product based on ArcGIS.

With 3.2.1 Exor are building the foundations for the next generation of leading-edge technologies to be integrated into holistic asset management solutions. Release 3.2.1 provides, for the first time, a productized interface to Oracle’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), part of the Oracle e-Business suite. This interface allows users to leverage the Exor engineering database to store and manage linear assets, as a gateway into the Oracle financial view of the business providing for a complete asset management solution.