Home News Exelis reaches GPS OCX milestones for navigation software

Exelis reaches GPS OCX milestones for navigation software

US: Exelis has successfully completed software upgrades for the new Global Positioning System Next Generation Operational Control System (GPS OCX). Integration and testing were recently conducted on iteration 1.5 of the OCX navigation, encryption and Mission Upload Generator (MUG) software.

The new version of GPS software will help ground controllers better understand the satellites' exact positioning in space. The encryption software is also designed to automatically code and decode GPS signals, facilitating the exchange of user information by securely transmitting navigation payload data between the OCX ground system and the orbiting constellation of satellites. The MUG software is responsible for creating spacecraft payload updates to refresh the navigation data transmitted to all GPS users. This data is typically generated for each satellite multiple times a day and helps to consistently minimize user error. "These software milestones demonstrate a clear path to improved GPS accuracy and integrity. Civilian and military users will have more accurate and secure GPS signals, and these milestones bring us one step closer to GPS modernization,” said Drew Trainor, OCX program manager for Exelis Geospatial Systems.

Source: WSJ