exactEarth, Larus to develop big data analytics applications

exactEarth, Larus to develop big data analytics applications


Canada: Satellite AIS data provider, exactEarth on Thursday announced a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Larus Technologies. According to the agreement, the two companies will work together to develop and market Big Data analytics-based software applications and information services for the global surveillance and intelligence markets.

As part of the Agreement, exactEarth will gain an exclusive license to Larus’ Big Data analytics platform, i.e. Total::Insight for the Maritime market. Developed over 10 years, Total::Insight provides an advanced adaptive learning and Big Data analytics decision-support capability that has been deployed predominantly in the defence market. 

In return, Larus will gain access to exactEarth’s map visualisation IP for integration into Total::Insight-based solutions for non-Maritime markets and to exactEarth’s extensive data archive to perform advanced pattern-of-life analysis.

exactEarth will enhance existing, and develop new, maritime-focused information products and services by integrating technology from the Total::Insight platform into its existing Maritime Big Data processing and supply chain IT infrastructure.  New application areas will include shipping movement and behavioural analysis and the Companies will work together to advance the capabilities in the exciting area of predictive analytics.

“In keeping with our strategy to broaden our capabilities into the wider Maritime Information and Analytics market, this alliance will accelerate our entry into this larger market” said Peter Mabson, CEO of exactEarth. “We have collaborated with Larus in the past and recognise their unique capabilities in this area, and we are pleased to partner with such home-grown talent. There are many products and services with market potential that we have already identified that can be developed from the Larus platform for existing and new customers, and we believe we can start bringing some of these applications to market in the second half of this year. In addition, we expect that exclusive access to Larus’ advanced capabilities especially in predictive learning will accelerate us to the very forefront of Maritime data analytics providers”

“Larus and exactEarth are an exciting Canadian combination,” said George Di Nardo, President and Founder of Larus. “exactEarth’s existing Maritime Big Data capabilities and leading market share, with developed sales channels, will help drive the commercial potential of the investment we have made over the past 10 years with the Total::Insight analytics platform.  Larus is a recognized leader in computational intelligence and predictive analytics with a proven track record and a successful history of working with exactEarth.  This Agreement provides us with the resources to continue to enhance our core technology, while also providing us exciting visualisation capabilities for the non-Maritime markets.  We are excited to be partnering with the exactEarth team to further develop the burgeoning market for Big Data analytics and predictive learning solutions.”

Source: Exact Earth