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EWR AG opts for SICAD solution based on ArcGIS

EWR AG, a utility company based in Worms, Germany, will be amalgamating its existing network information applications in a cross-sector core system. The general contractor, AED-SICAD of Bonn and Munich, will be cooperating closely with its partner company ESRI Geoinformatik of Kranzberg in setting up this core system based on the standard SICAD-UT application and ArcGIS base technology. The decision was taken after extensive evaluation by the Management Consultants CSC Ploenzke. EWR AG is therefore the first GIS user in the supply and waste disposal industries to embrace the benefits of SICAD and ArcGIS technology in the form of an integrated solution.The strategic approach formulated by EWR AG for its core system is a “three-layer concept” that identifies the three main task areas of capture, analysis and information. The standard SICAD-UT application is used UT data model compatible capture and management, with SICAD-GSP (Geo Service Providing) offering full GIS functionality also for external service providers on the Internet. The integrated ArcView desktop platform from ESRI is used for analyzing the network data, and ArcIMS ESRI base technology provides the information function on the intranet/internet.

As the solution will cover the electricity, gas, waster supply and waste water sectors and also offer a map service, EWR AG will be able to greatly simplify its system landscape for the relevant networks in its various business areas. What’s more, great emphasis was placed at the concept stage on integrating the future geo information system with the existing network control system and on linking the system with SAP. As a result, the integrated ArcGIS-based SICAD solution will play a major role in the business processes of this multi-utility company. At the same time, EWR AG will then have a uniform platform for making its virtually complete geo data available to communities and other users as an Internet service.